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Brooke | Foxy Session | Grand Rapids, MI

I think sometimes people hear the word “boudoir” and they immediately think of an overly sexy Victoria Secret type shoot. While these can go in that direction, if that’s what you are looking for ;), that’s not necessarily what these are about.
Brooke booked a foxy session with me during the last set I did. She booked her session all because she needed a little self-love boost. This girl is beautiful, there’s no doubt about that! But like all of us, she needed a little reminder of just HOW beautiful she is at that point in her life. We all need to be reminded from time to time of our worth, our uniqueness, & our beauty. That to me, is truly what these sessions are about. There is beauty in the super sexy but the real beauty of these sessions is coming, being yourself, & feeling absolutely stunning through and through!!
I have just two more spaces left for my foxy sessions later this month on September 20th. I cannot tell you enough what a wonderful gift these sessions are…for that special someone or just for yourself. Email me at to book your session or even if you just have any questions about them. I just want everyone to actually feel beautiful!!
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