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Ian & Sarah | Engagement Session | Holland, MI

Ian and Sarah are one of those couples whose love is extremely contagious. You can’t help but have a smile on your face the entire time you’re around them! Their love for each other pours out of them and is visibly seen in the way they put one another first. These two seem to be up for anything and have such a fantastic love for life, which shined through in their engagement session that we did this past spring!

It was a sunny day in downtown Holland during Tulip Festival. The streets were full of people, there were street performers out, and lots of tulips blooming all around us. It was beautiful scene and if you’ve never been to holland during Tulip time, you should definitely check it out next year. We then ended the day at Rosy Mound, one of Michigan’s great hiking trails which took us out to Lake Michigan for a breathtaking sunset over the water.

I am so excited to celebrate Ian and Sarah’s wedding this Friday and again be inspired by their laughter, joy, & love.


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