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Justin, Heather and Harvey too!

I had the absolute pleasure of hanging out with Justin, Heather and their dog Harvey a few weeks ago…oh and we took some fantastic pictures!

Heather is one of Jarrod’s cousins and she’s just the sweetest! She’s so much fun and not to mention, super cute! Justin (who we all adore as well!) proposed this last winter and we couldn’t be happier for them. They’re such a genuine couple and really seem to have the best time together. They were¬†constantly making each other laugh and loving on their awesome dog Harvey. It’s been a while since I did a shoot with a dog and I had forgotten how much I love them! Anyway, they all love each other lots and lots and you can see for yourself in the photos below.


6.8_J&HEngagement_60 6.8_J&HEngagement_58 6.8_J&HEngagement_57 6.8_J&HEngagement_56 6.8_J&HEngagement_55 6.8_J&HEngagement_54 6.8_J&HEngagement_53 6.8_J&HEngagement_52 6.8_J&HEngagement_51 6.8_J&HEngagement_50 6.8_J&HEngagement_49 6.8_J&HEngagement_48 6.8_J&HEngagement_47 6.8_J&HEngagement_46 6.8_J&HEngagement_45 6.8_J&HEngagement_44 6.8_J&HEngagement_43 6.8_J&HEngagement_42 6.8_J&HEngagement_41 6.8_J&HEngagement_40 6.8_J&HEngagement_39 6.8_J&HEngagement_38 6.8_J&HEngagement_37 6.8_J&HEngagement_36 6.8_J&HEngagement_35 6.8_J&HEngagement_34 6.8_J&HEngagement_33 6.8_J&HEngagement_31 6.8_J&HEngagement_30 6.8_J&HEngagement_29 6.8_J&HEngagement_28 6.8_J&HEngagement_27 6.8_J&HEngagement_26 6.8_J&HEngagement_25 6.8_J&HEngagement_24 6.8_J&HEngagement_23 6.8_J&HEngagement_22 6.8_J&HEngagement_21 6.8_J&HEngagement_20 6.8_J&HEngagement_19 6.8_J&HEngagement_18 6.8_J&HEngagement_17 6.8_J&HEngagement_16 6.8_J&HEngagement_14 6.8_J&HEngagement_13 6.8_J&HEngagement_12 6.8_J&HEngagement_11 6.8_J&HEngagement_10 6.8_J&HEngagement_09 6.8_J&HEngagement_08 6.8_J&HEngagement_07 6.8_J&HEngagement_06 6.8_J&HEngagement_05 6.8_J&HEngagement_04 6.8_J&HEngagement_03 6.8_J&HEngagement_02 6.8_J&HEngagement_01

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