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The Leonardos | Family Session | Grandville, MI

Being a photographer, I see a lot of importance in photographing every stage of life. Life moves so fast that sometimes it seems you’ve only just blinked and you’re already onto the next chapter. Updating family photos is a great way to freeze those moments so you can cherish them for a lifetime. The Leonardo‘s hadn’t gotten family pictures done in over 10 years so with new members being added to the family [especially a new baby] it was absolutely time for an updated family session. We met at the trails behind Wedgewood Park in Grandville and had some amazing light. It’s always interesting to see how the dynamics in a family change when little ones come into the picture. So much of the Leonardo‘s focus is on baby Sloan these days, and rightly so. That love and focus even shined through in the photos. I can’t blame them though, she’s just that cute!! Especially in her adorable Charley Charles Romper and headbands!

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