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McKenzie – Class of 2015

You guys, this is such a beautiful session!

I’m not gonna lie, it has a lot to do with the beautiful fiery red head in the photos, and I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for a while now. I’ve talked about how I used to coach soccer years back, well, McKenzie is one of my old players. She’s unforgettable! She obviously has the most beautiful red hair so you remember that but she also has a spunky fun personality to go right along with her red locks and I just adore her. I used to have to keep a stack of napkins in the glovebox of my old white jeep cherokee because Kenz used to get bloody noses randomly when warming up. She had the skills of a super star and I just loved having her on my team back in the day. I loved taking her senior photos even more though! She’s grown into such a beautiful young woman and I’m so proud to know her.

I wish you all the best McKenzie! It was so great to connect with you and your family again!


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She wanted to be sure and get a pic with her mom and I just think that’s so sweet!ForBlog-IMG_4564 ForBlog-IMG_4603 ForBlog-IMG_4630 ForBlog-IMG_4640 ForBlog-IMG_4674 ForBlog-IMG_4677 ForBlog-IMG_4678 ForBlog-IMG_4684 ForBlog-IMG_4703 ForBlog-IMG_4721 ForBlog-IMG_4722

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