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A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking photos for some very, very dear people. For a portion of my formative years I lived on a small lake and a few houses over lived the Meyers family. Alicia was a year younger than me and we quickly became close friends. I remember many summer days playing in their pool, making up synchronized swimming routines with Alicia or playing card games on their deck. The Meyers family was such a big part of my younger years, taking me to church, having me over for dinners with the family and taking me out to Grand Haven for the Coast Guard Festival. I was so sad to leave them when we moved in my early teens.

Alicia is now married to a wonderful guy named Michael (which is funny to me, because my younger brother, Michael, always said when he was little that he would marry Alicia because she had pretty blonde hair ;-)). Alicia and Michael got married two years ago and wanted some photos to document the occasion, which I think is wonderful! I wish I had done this more before having kids. I feel like despite Instagram, facebook, and our smart phones, which make it easy to take snapshots, a lot of times those years between getting married and having kids seem lost when looking back through documentation. It’s really nice when couples actually think to capture those years. Alicia also invited her parents along and I had the hardest time calling them by their first names, instead of Mr. and Mrs. Meyers. We got some photos of each couple and some all together and they just turned out super cute all around.

Alicia, you’re so beautiful and I miss your laugh! It was great to see you, meet Michael and see that you’re both doing so well! I’ll always look back fondly on all the memories I share with the Meyers family! Thank you for those memories and for letting me take your photos! It was a joy!

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  1. Really great photos of great people!

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