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The O’Dell Family

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged this session sooner. I LOVE this session and I LOVE this family! If you know me at all you probably know the O’Dell family is near and dear to us! Katy is one of my very best pals! We used to work together back in the day at Red Lobster and then we reconnected when we were both pregnant with our first babies. She had Henry in July and Olive was born in August. We joke that they’re betrothed ;-). With our second babies, we both surprisingly got pregnant around the same time and had due dates that were days apart! We ended up having Sally and June on the same exact day if you can believe it! Sally was born in the early am and June was born just before midnight. It’s quite the story! Our whole families really just like each other and we even travel together sometimes! Katy is an amazing photographer as well and has been a huge inspiration and encourager in my journey. It worked out perfectly to trade family photos this fall and I just love how their fun city session turned out. And of course we just had to make a stop at Rowster because if you know this family, you know they love their warm beverages…especially Sal!


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