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PGwoodgoods | Style Session | Allendale, MI

Have you guys heard of PGwoodgoods yet?!? I brag on them a lot. Pat Garrett, a friend and west michigan local, started up his company about a year ago. He crafts some really beautiful wooden jewelry and homegoods. If you have not yet checked out his work, I of course highly suggest doing so! The quality is top-notch and he does some neat things with different types of wood. I love his stud earrings and wear a pair almost every day.

Pat and I connected for a styled shoot showcasing his products a couple months ago. The mosquitos were thick in the Aman Park woods, but my models were tough and we survived. You may recognize them as familiar faces. Nick and Kelsey have let me shoot them before. I just love their vibe and always think of them for stuff like this. They were a really great fit for this shoot and I’m super happy with the results!


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