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Seth and Liz had a baby!

The miracle of life is amazing!

A few weeks ago, a couple of our dear friends, Seth and Liz, gave birth to a entirely sweet little boy, Colton Alexander Thompson. I was so honored that they had me along to document their experience. It always makes me emotional, seeing new little ones start their life, but it was especially great to be there with them. I know they’ve been looking forward to parenthood and are just going to be the best parents to little Colton.

Seth and Liz, we’re so blessed by your friendship and are so excited that you have a new addition to your family! ThompsonBirth_WM_1 ThompsonBirth_WM_2 ThompsonBirth_WM_3 ThompsonBirth_WM_4 ThompsonBirth_WM_5 ThompsonBirth_WM_6 ThompsonBirth_WM_7 ThompsonBirth_WM_8 ThompsonBirth_WM_9 ThompsonBirth_WM_10 ThompsonBirth_WM_11 ThompsonBirth_WM_12 ThompsonBirth_WM_13 ThompsonBirth_WM_14 ThompsonBirth_WM_15 ThompsonBirth_WM_16 ThompsonBirth_WM_17 ThompsonBirth_WM_18 ThompsonBirth_WM_19 ThompsonBirth_WM_20 ThompsonBirth_WM_21 ThompsonBirth_WM_22 ThompsonBirth_WM_23 ThompsonBirth_WM_24 ThompsonBirth_WM_25 ThompsonBirth_WM_26 ThompsonBirth_WM_27 ThompsonBirth_WM_28 ThompsonBirth_WM_29 ThompsonBirth_WM_30 ThompsonBirth_WM_31 ThompsonBirth_WM_32 ThompsonBirth_WM_33 ThompsonBirth_WM_34 ThompsonBirth_WM_35 ThompsonBirth_WM_36 ThompsonBirth_WM_37 ThompsonBirth_WM_38 ThompsonBirth_WM_39 ThompsonBirth_WM_40 ThompsonBirth_WM_41 ThompsonBirth_WM_42 ThompsonBirth_WM_43

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