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The Birth of Aria Em

It was the 7th of January around 10pm when Tiffanie texted to say they were timing contractions. I was so excited! I finished up whatever I was doing at the house (probably browsing the interwebs aimlessly), packed up my stuff and headed over. They live only 10 minutes away and it was just a short beautiful drive where everything was covered in a blanket of white fluff. I walked in and Tiffanie was cuddled up in a blanket as calm as could be. Scott had just left to drop off their older daughter Vienna at a nearby friend’s house for the night. Scott returned shortly and we hunkered in to have a baby. It took a bit but was a pleasant waiting game, and in the meantime we made some cookies, watched SNL and chatted. Around 5am on Wednesday morning, things started to pick up and Tiffanie took a warm bath to try and relax. We called Yolanda and she said it was the real deal and she would head over shortly (fun fact: Yolanda was my midwife for both my girls and I just love her so much, it was a real treat that she was the midwife for Aria’s birth). Tiffanie did such a great job laboring, it was hard to tell how far along she actually was all the time but when Yolanda arrived, she confirmed she was almost ready to start pushing and that we should get the tub started. About 15-20 minutes in the tub and voilĂ  Aria was born at 7:37am! It was such a wonderful, peaceful birth and I am so lucky to have been able to be a part of it! Thank you Scott and Tiffanie for inviting me into your home for this intimate and breathtaking event!

AriaEm_Birth_022 AriaEm_Birth_023 AriaEm_Birth_025 AriaEm_Birth_026 AriaEm_Birth_024 AriaEm_Birth_015 AriaEm_Birth_017 AriaEm_Birth_016 AriaEm_Birth_028 AriaEm_Birth_029 AriaEm_Birth_031 AriaEm_Birth_032 AriaEm_Birth_034 AriaEm_Birth_035 AriaEm_Birth_036 AriaEm_Birth_037 AriaEm_Birth_038 AriaEm_Birth_039 AriaEm_Birth_042

Getting in the tub seemed like a huge relief for Tiffanie, maybe just because it meant we were so close to meeting Aria.AriaEm_Birth_046

AriaEm_Birth_047 AriaEm_Birth_048 AriaEm_Birth_050 AriaEm_Birth_051 AriaEm_Birth_052 AriaEm_Birth_053 AriaEm_Birth_054 AriaEm_Birth_055 AriaEm_Birth_056 AriaEm_Birth_057 AriaEm_Birth_058 AriaEm_Birth_060

She was so alert when she entered this world with eyes open looking only at mom and dadAriaEm_Birth_061 AriaEm_Birth_063 AriaEm_Birth_064 AriaEm_Birth_065 AriaEm_Birth_067 AriaEm_Birth_070 AriaEm_Birth_069

This is one of my favorites of little Aria stretching out after her first couple minutes.
AriaEm_Birth_071 AriaEm_Birth_073 AriaEm_Birth_074

Wasn’t Tiffanie so pretty during her labor and birth?AriaEm_Birth_075 AriaEm_Birth_076 AriaEm_Birth_077 AriaEm_Birth_079 AriaEm_Birth_078 AriaEm_Birth_080 AriaEm_Birth_081 AriaEm_Birth_082

Those eyes!AriaEm_Birth_084 AriaEm_Birth_085 AriaEm_Birth_086

She was just a peanut at 7lbs. 2oz.AriaEm_Birth_087 AriaEm_Birth_088 AriaEm_Birth_089 AriaEm_Birth_090 AriaEm_Birth_091 AriaEm_Birth_005 AriaEm_Birth_002 AriaEm_Birth_006 AriaEm_Birth_001

Older sister Vienna was so excited to meet her baby sister, don’t you just love this face she makes upon introductions?
AriaEm_Birth_009 AriaEm_Birth_010 AriaEm_Birth_008 AriaEm_Birth_012 AriaEm_Birth_011Congrats Vandekerckhove Family!


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