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The Boes Family

Let me tell you about an adorable family I know with the last name Boes. Benny and Elise have become some of our dear friends over the last year or so. They have two wonderful little boys, Callan and Stuart. Stuart comes to our house to play right now four days a week and his brother Cal will soon be joining him for the summer so they have a special spot in our hearts. My girls (and Jarrod and I) just love them! They are goofy, animated, smart, fun and total sweethearts! When Elise asked me to take pictures of them with her mother in law Cindy, I knew it was going to be fun and it didn’t disappoint! We even got ice cream part way through the session, what’s better than that?

It was a warm and very sunny afternoon, that we headed up to the orchards, due to a rumor that they were in bloom. I think we may have missed the peak time for blooms, but it was still very pretty up there and I think we got some really fun shots! These boys have┬ásome wonderful grandparents who they are just crazy about. Thank you to the Boes’ for letting me share a beautiful day with you all! We really enjoy your family and I hope you enjoy these moments I captured. 5.23_BoesFamily 4_Edit 5.23_BoesFamily 3_Edit 5.23_BoesFamily 5_Edit 5.23_BoesFamily 9_Edit 5.23_BoesFamily 12_Edit 5.23_BoesFamily 15_Edit 5.23_BoesFamily 16_Edit 5.23_BoesFamily 17_Edit 5.23_BoesFamily 20_Edit 5.23_BoesFamily 21_Edit 5.23_BoesFamily 22_Edit 5.23_BoesFamily 24_Edit 5.23_BoesFamily 25_Edit 5.23_BoesFamily 27_Edit 5.23_BoesFamily 31_Edit 5.23_BoesFamily 35_Edit 5.23_BoesFamily 40_Edit 5.23_BoesFamily 51_Edit 5.23_BoesFamily 52_Edit 5.23_BoesFamily 53_Edit 5.23_BoesFamily 56_Edit 5.23_BoesFamily 58_Edit 5.23_BoesFamily 72_Edit 5.23_BoesFamily 60_Edit 5.23_BoesFamily 63_Edit 5.23_BoesFamily 65_Edit 5.23_BoesFamily 67_Edit 5.23_BoesFamily 75_Edit 5.23_BoesFamily 76_Edit 5.23_BoesFamily 81_Edit 5.23_BoesFamily 83_Edit 5.23_BoesFamily 82_edit 5.23_BoesFamily 86_Edit 5.23_BoesFamily 87_Edit 5.23_BoesFamily 101_Edit 5.23_BoesFamily 90_edit 5.23_BoesFamily 91_edit 5.23_BoesFamily 95_Edit 5.23_BoesFamily 97_Edit 5.23_BoesFamily 99_Edit 5.23_BoesFamily 102_Edit 5.23_BoesFamily 103_Edit 5.23_BoesFamily 104_Edit 5.23_BoesFamily 88_Edit 5.23_BoesFamily 89_Edit

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