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The Host Family

A couple weekends ago, I had the pleasure of taking pictures for the lovely Host family. They’re such a fun down to earth family of three, soon to be 4! They’ll be adding a baby girl to the family soon and they’re all so excited about it!

Quinn just stole my heart with┬áhis suave stares and laid-back attitude. I can’t wait to see him with his new little sister. Jen is gonna dress her so cute! I think she’s excited to have a little more femininity around the house.

5.31_HostFamily_02 5.31_HostFamily_03 5.31_HostFamily_05 5.31_HostFamily_08 5.31_HostFamily_10 5.31_HostFamily_11 5.31_HostFamily_14 5.31_HostFamily_16 5.31_HostFamily_19 5.31_HostFamily_20 5.31_HostFamily_21 5.31_HostFamily_23 5.31_HostFamily_25 5.31_HostFamily_26 5.31_HostFamily_28 5.31_HostFamily_30 5.31_HostFamily_31 5.31_HostFamily_33 5.31_HostFamily_35 5.31_HostFamily_37 5.31_HostFamily_38 5.31_HostFamily_39 5.31_HostFamily_40 5.31_HostFamily_41 5.31_HostFamily_42 5.31_HostFamily_43 5.31_HostFamily_44

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