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The Schaub’s Family Session

What a wonderful, wonderful family the Schaubs are!

Lisa is an old co-worker of mine, and we’ve stayed in touch throughout the years. Their family is one that just makes you feel like you fit in and are part of the group no matter what you’re doing. We played with bubbles, went for a walk and even got in the water and splashed around a bit. It was such a fun time and I really love how the session turned out. Jaidyn was such a little model and helped out so much with her brothers. Zach was a character for sure and like the bubbles, but was way more interested in the bubble machine and how it worked.┬áTheir littlest member, 9 month old, Rowan was just full of smiles and despite not having eaten or slept well that morning was in the best spirits! Jeff and Lisa, I love being around your family and watching it grow! Thanks for letting me capture your fun day out in the sun.

6.1_SchaubFamily_01 6.1_SchaubFamily_03 6.1_SchaubFamily_05 6.1_SchaubFamily_06 6.1_SchaubFamily_07 6.1_SchaubFamily_08 6.1_SchaubFamily_09 6.1_SchaubFamily_15 6.1_SchaubFamily_17 6.1_SchaubFamily_18 6.1_SchaubFamily_20 6.1_SchaubFamily_21 6.1_SchaubFamily_14 6.1_SchaubFamily_24 6.1_SchaubFamily_26 6.1_SchaubFamily_27 6.1_SchaubFamily_29 6.1_SchaubFamily_30 6.1_SchaubFamily_32 6.1_SchaubFamily_35 6.1_SchaubFamily_37 6.1_SchaubFamily_38 6.1_SchaubFamily_41 6.1_SchaubFamily_42 6.1_SchaubFamily_45 6.1_SchaubFamily_47 6.1_SchaubFamily_48 6.1_SchaubFamily_51 6.1_SchaubFamily_53 6.1_SchaubFamily_56 6.1_SchaubFamily_57 6.1_SchaubFamily_59 6.1_SchaubFamily_61 6.1_SchaubFamily_67 6.1_SchaubFamily_69 6.1_SchaubFamily_70 6.1_SchaubFamily_72 6.1_SchaubFamily_73 6.1_SchaubFamily_77 6.1_SchaubFamily_79 6.1_SchaubFamily_81 6.1_SchaubFamily_82

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  1. What a great job capturing each of their personalities. You can easily see the children were all comfortable with you. I love the non-posed pictures. Great job!!!!

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