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Aria at 4 days old

Newborn shoots can be tricky. If you’re a parent or photographer you know what newborns can be like. You’re dealing with a new little human who is still adjusting to this world we live in and they can be very…unpredictable. Can I just brag a bit about how awesome it was to do Aria’s newborn session? She did so, so great! She was sleeping and cozy for the first bit and then woke happy and bright eyed and stayed that way for the rest of the session! No crying, no fussing…it was amazing! I can only hope the rest of my newborns are so cooperative. I hope you enjoy these shots of sweet little Aria as much as I do!


We started out with a few of big sis while Aria was having a snack and getting nice and sleepy ;-)AriaEM_NB_003 AriaEM_NB_004 AriaEM_NB_005

I was super happy to catch this sweet little grin straight off the batAriaEM_NB_007 AriaEM_NB_008 AriaEM_NB_009 AriaEM_NB_013

I love her lips!AriaEM_NB_014 AriaEM_NB_015 AriaEM_NB_018 AriaEM_NB_020

And here’s where she just woke up with the most beautiful bright eyes…AriaEM_NB_028 AriaEM_NB_029 AriaEM_NB_030

Vienna is such a sweet big sister to Aria!
AriaEM_NB_034 AriaEM_NB_035 AriaEM_NB_036 AriaEM_NB_038 AriaEM_NB_041 AriaEM_NB_043 AriaEM_NB_051

I’m gushing over these little baby kisses!!!
AriaEM_NB_052 AriaEM_NB_053 AriaEM_NB_055 AriaEM_NB_057 AriaEM_NB_058 AriaEM_NB_059 AriaEM_NB_062 AriaEM_NB_063


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Thanks for viewing :-)

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