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Cherith | Foxy Session | Grand Rapids, MI

I really don’t enjoy the word boudoir but I absolutely love doing these types of sessions. I’ve had a hard time capturing what these sessions are about in a word like boudoir because they are about so much more. I think I’m going to dub them Foxy sessions because every woman should feel foxy! It’s so important to feel beautiful in your own skin, especially now when certain social standards of “beauty” are being pushed at us from all types of media. These sessions are such a great opportunity to see and feel your own beauty. They are of course great for brides to show their new husband that he’s now allowed to see his bride in a new and exciting way. But I highly recommend these to every type of women! Getting pampered while drinking champagne, eating chocolates and dancing to lots of Beyonce…I mean, come on, what more do us ladies want? We all go through moments where we doubt our own beauty and these types of sessions push those thoughts out to the way and make room for us to love ourselves. That’s important girls!
I did a day of these sessions for some of my upcoming brides but also opened it to other women as well. I was so excited when Cherith signed on for them! Cherith is one of the most beautiful mommas I know, both inside and out! At the time she was about halfway through her third pregnancy and I was thrilled! What an amazing time to feel beautiful! Women’s bodies can grow another human you guys! It’s absolute magic!!  She’s such a beautiful woman and an amazing mom to her two boys. Her growing baby bump makes her even more stunning knowing all she will be to this next baby! Her sweet demeanor and classic beauty were such a stellar combo and the result was everything I hoped for!
I’m planning to schedule another set of Foxy Sessions real soon and I can’t encourage you enough to jump on that train! Seriously, if you’re interested, email me ( and get on the list. You deserve to feel foxy!
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