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Seth and Liz’s Maternity Session

This is one of my favorite sessions of all time, and it’s with two of the best people around! We have known Seth and Liz for quite some time now. Jarrod went to high school and played soccer with Seth and I played soccer with Liz at Davenport where they both met and feel in love. We all play soccer together and have been friends for quite a few years now. Seth and Liz are two of the nicest people you’ll ever meet! They are just the sweetest with our girls and they’re going to be the best of parents! I just can’t wait to meet their handsome little boy and watch them travel down the wonderful road of parenthood.S&L Maternity_67 S&L Maternity_64 S&L Maternity_65 S&L Maternity_63 S&L Maternity_69 S&L Maternity_70 S&L Maternity_75 S&L Maternity_79 S&L Maternity_78 S&L Maternity_74 S&L Maternity_71 S&L Maternity_72 S&L Maternity_76 S&L Maternity_60 S&L Maternity_59 S&L Maternity_54 S&L Maternity_53 S&L Maternity_51 S&L Maternity_50 S&L Maternity_48 S&L Maternity_47 S&L Maternity_46 S&L Maternity_45 S&L Maternity_43 S&L Maternity_41S&L Maternity_39 S&L Maternity_38 S&L Maternity_36 S&L Maternity_31 S&L Maternity_32 S&L Maternity_33 S&L Maternity_34 S&L Maternity_27 S&L Maternity_23 S&L Maternity_24 S&L Maternity_20 S&L Maternity_18 S&L Maternity_16S&L Maternity_14 S&L Maternity_13 S&L Maternity_11 S&L Maternity_08 S&L Maternity_05 S&L Maternity_01 S&L Maternity_04

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